Libya's military mission

The increases mean that rebel forces have recovered all the territory lost to the forces of Gaddafi at the start of the war. The return of the opposition was paved in part by coalition air strikes designed to stop the killings of civilians, which have affected the strength of Gaddafi.

Coalition air strikes continued on Sunday as NATO approved a plan of operations that will move all of Libya's military mission to NATO command, officials said.

The new NATO command will begin in two or three days, NATO officials said, allowing the current coalition, led by the United States, the United Kingdom and France, which withdrew.

coalition officials say that air strikes are aimed at implementing a no-fly zone and the protection of civilians in Libya.

However, Libyan government officials have countered that claim, arguing that coalition forces target only the troops loyal to Qadhafi.

"The rebels are doing their progress and nobody is stopping them. And nobody is even talking to them and saying, 'Where you going?" or "Why are you taking offensive positions and attack the Libyan army and the cities of Libya? "Ibrahim Moussa, a Libyan government spokesman, told reporters in Tripoli.

He accused NATO of "starving the people of Libya for Libya on his knees to beg for mercy."

"They are trying to weaken our spirit. They are not trying to protect civilians," he said.

Ibrahim added that 29 people were injured Sunday when a "peace convoy" was attacked by "armed militias". No one was killed, he said.

While the opposition rolled westward Misrata City - located between the current position of the rebels and Tripoli - remained besieged by government forces for 11 th consecutive day, a witness told CNN.

The city was under shelling and sniper pro-Gaddafi stood on rooftops, he said. The pro-Gaddafi appeared to be the bombing strategic spots as the port and industrial zone, he said. Busloads of soldiers have arrived in town in civilian clothes, the witness said. The soldiers apparently came to participate in a peace march, but appeared to be a tactic to set up positions around the city, he said.
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