Three Foxconn Employees Arrested for iPad 2 Leaks

It is no secret that Apple does not like his secrets out at all. IPAD two cases had made their appearance in China, four months before the pill made its first appearance. The structure of the cases was so accurate that Foxconn, a manufacturer of electronic products for Apple, HP, Nokia, Palm and Sony, had to look into the authors. They were found and three employees were arrested on charges of leaking technical design specifications before the official announcement from Apple.

Ipad 2 Cases

According to the report by DigiTimes, Taiwan-based Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry's) plants in Shenzhen, China, have been accused of leaking IPAD 2 of outdoor accessories design business in China. Several online shopping stores in China can sell products IPAD two cases of protection from the was released even what Foxconn to suspect there might have been a leak of employees in the design of IPAD 2, which was reported local police. The local police on December 26, 2010, arrested three employees who were suspected of filter design, and formally charged the three employees for violation of trade secrets of the company on March 23, 2011.

Foxconn is known for its harsh working conditions and mistreatment of employees. There have been cases of suicides of workers and allegations of exploitation and abuse practices among managers. Workers are not allowed to sit for hours. Although Foxconn disciplinary measures send a strong message to other employees of Foxconn, is perhaps understandable that their employees are willing to risk their jobs to earn some money on the side.
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