Creative Projects Other Side of the World Fashion

Creative Projects Other Side of the World Fashion, A group of young artists exhibit works of Bandung held a variety of forms in Bandung Artground Rice Gallery. Themed The Other I, they showed the other side of the fashion world as well as social criticism. Simple, but pithy.

Batman figure dressed man was standing on the top layer of the circle line. If the presumed circle like a clock, its position right at number 12. At the bottom or 6 o'clock direction, there is the usual black clothing worn pastor. At the 3 o'clock and 9, provided other casual and relaxed.

Erwin's work titled Budihartanto Paperdol # 1 was brought into childhood memories, namely paper toys to choose decent clothes to wear character choice. In the real world, one's identity can also be seen from his clothes. But he could have a lot of character, as many types of clothing or costume it has in the closet.

The theme watercolor on paper was as confirmed by Vincent Rumahloine The Fighter Series. The work of five photographs in black and white object was wearing a boxer. Daily, the boxer who is also his partner was working as a teacher. "That's the sort of fashion as an identity," said exhibition curator, Vai Avanti Anggia, told Tempo on the sidelines of the exhibition which lasts 5 to 19 November 2011.

For anyone who thinks fashion is everything and bigger than himself, the work of Monica Hapsari may be food for thought. Titled Bigger than Fashion # 1 and # 2, painting a plump woman with a collage of colorful patchwork reversing earlier perceptions. The original figure of colleagues who the designer was used as a criticism and evidence.

The other side of the fashion world, could also emerge from the current music that is loved young people in his day. T-shirts worn milling metal fans metal music era 80-90's for example, is still a trend. In the group of underground music in Bandung for example, T-shirts of local punk bands and the world remains a daily wear.

And the costume must wear at concerts held in various places. Just like a tattoo. Than just a marker tool to tribes across the world, tattooing becomes fashion that remains popular. The technique was developed as a service in beauty salons. Fashion is not just clothes.
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